12th January 2011

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Nintendo Shoes, Zork on a Livescribe Pen, 10 Classic PC Platformers, and Half-Life Nano

(Source: GeekyLifestyle)

Strut in style with these shoes, Run Athletics Nintendo Shoes. Good luck finding a pair now :P 

Do you happen to own one of those fancy Livescribe pens? They record notes that you write and you can then save it to the computer.. Anyway that’s not the cool part.. how about playing Zork with one??? The YouTube video above shows all :) 

(Image Source: DosGamesOnline)

Gameranx have a top 10 list of Classic Platform games that shaped PC gaming. They listed some gooooood titles, but do you folks see any others that deserve to be in there instead? Oh like say the Halloween Harry series? Realms of Chaos? Skunny (Oh yes there was a Skunny platformer.. assuming you remember Skunny Kart?) Oh and the Pickle Wars picture is thrown in for laughs. 

And finally, Half-Life gone 8-bit! This folks is Half-Life Nano, a de-make of the first in the series. It’s free, and available HERE.

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