22nd October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 22/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- ZX Spectrum gets new homebrew Puzzle game called Zen

- Kickstarter campaign for Season 2 of Boss Fight books commences

- Video on Twitch shows Mega Man X completed in under 40 minutes 

- Touching home made Mega Drive video pays tribute to film maker’s father


21st October 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 21/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Proof of concept video demonstrating Sonic 3 & Knuckles on a mobile device

- YouTube video containing 4 hours of music from various Nintendo 64 games

- New teaser trailer for 80s inspired racing game Drift Stage and platforms announced

- RETRO Video Game Magazine announces Year 2 campaign on Kickstarter


20th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 20/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition now available for Windows, OSX on Steam and GoG

- 3DO original platform game ‘Gex’ also makes it to the Good old Games library

- Disc drive replacement unit for SEGA Saturn in development uses SD cards

- Latest updates and progress on unofficial rerelease of Shadow of the Beast for modern platforms


17th October 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 17/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Land and Adventures of Lolo appear on the Nintendo eShops this week

- New Angry Video Game Nerd video covers Beetlejuice on the NES

- Build your own portable Nintendo 64 with a kit on Kickstarter

- Plushies of various Mega Man heroes available to for pre-order online


16th October 2014


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15th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 15/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Kickstarter campaign launches for Commodore Amiga: Visual Commpendium book celebrating Amiga gaming. 

- Retro inspired platform game Electronic Super Joy: Groove City makes it to the iPhone and includes Steam key

- Video of a gamer speedruns through Goldeneye, Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time sequentially in under an hour

- Acoustic cover of Gerudo Valley music from Ocarina of Time by Sad Toy Cats


14th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 14/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Unofficial rerelease of Day of the Tentacle in development via Adventure Game Studio software

- Lord of the Skies on iOS reminiscent of gameplay of Joust and Balloon Fight. 

- Modification in development which allows an Atari Lynx to be plugged in to the TV

- Scanned images from a Russian Magazine which delves in to the Famiclone ‘Dendy’


13th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 13/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Classic PC Adventure game ‘Myst’ to become a TV series 

- Norway’s new banknotes heavily inspired by pixel art after art competition winners picked

- Enormous lot of old games and 50 systems for sale on eBay 

- PC Henshin Turbo card allows gamers to play TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine games on each other’s systems

- Renowned Arcade platformer Bubble Bobble in development for PC Engine


10th October 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 10/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Everdrive cartridge for Game Boy Advance in development

- Mighty Final Fight and Ufouria: The Saga to be released on the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles

- Highly detailed SNES modification themed to Castlevania games by Vadu Amka

- The Player’s Score documentary on Kickstarter delving in to video game music composition history


9th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 09/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Cinemaware’s Wings to be rereleased in original form as Kickstarter backer extra along with Wings: Remastered

- Prototype SEGA Graphic Board for the Master System found on eBay and sold

- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is getting unofficially ported to the Game Boy Colour

- Reference video showcases title screens of just about every Game Boy game made


8th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 08/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Bullethell shooter The Ghost Blade now available for pre-order for SEGA Dreamcast

- Polygon releases video covering just about every Alien game made in preparation for Alien Isolation’s release. 

- New Transformer toy featuring Optimus Prime transforming in to a Sony PlayStation

- Pix’n Love creator announces Pix The Cat heavily inspired by Pac-Man for PS4 and Vita


7th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 07/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- “Before Mario” book available for pre-order which delves in to Nintendo’s history prior to Mario

- retro-inspired edutainment game Hiragana Pixel Party Kickstarted to be on multiple platforms

- Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior unofficially rereleased for Windows and SEGA Mega Drive 

- Images from magazine referring to now long cancelled Saturn release of Wing Commander III


6th October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 06/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Video game documentary “From Bedrooms to Billions” now available  digitally, DVD and BluRay

- Unofficial rerelease of Shadow of the Beast updated with additional platform and controller support

- Art exhibition in Germany about technology features sprites from Duke Nukem 3D

- Latest Mortal Kombat X trailer features evil sorcerer Quan Chi


3rd October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 03/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Earok and Co releases Amiga CD32 compilation containing 160 classic Amiga games for free

- Secret of Mana heroes to be included in upcoming Rise of Mana game for Mobile and PlayStation Vita

- Donkey & Diddy Kong crammed in to Streets of Rage 2 as playable characters

- Street Fighter 2010 and Street Fighter Alpha 2 to be available on the Nintendo eShops this week


2nd October 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 02/10/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Classic 1992 adventure game ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’ is getting rebooted unofficially

- Samurai Showdown Slash turns classic 1 on 1 fighter to endless runner for iOS and Android

- Metal Sonic Hyperdrive introduces Metal Sonic and other characters to Sonic’s universe on Mega Drive and Wii Virtual Console

- Mortal Kombat film studio announces Tetris movie to be produced