1st September 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 01/09/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Mega Drive port of Wolfenstein 3D updated recently. Still better than the SNES version

- Russian PlayStation port of Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars fan translated recently

- Super Famicom box art collection book on Kickstarter

- Pac-Man for Atari 2600 rekerjiggered to resemble original arcade gangster release. 


29th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 29/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Mario Golf: Advance Tour and Game Boy port of Mega Man 5 arrives on the Nintendo eShops

- Mega Man replica blue helmet available for preorders at Capcom store in limited numbers

- Shigesato Itoi commemorates the 20th anniversary of Mother 2 (aka EarthBound)

- Screenshots comparing original Famicom release to remake of Super Dodgeball on PlayStation 3

- New unofficial indie Dizzy game “Dizzy’s Poker Night” released 


28th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 28/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Mega Man X4 and X5 coming soon to PlayStation 3 and Vita 

- Modder turns broken Nintendo DS Lite into Game Boy Lite 

- Pre-orders start for Puyo Puyo Tetris on PS4 and Xbox One

- Upcoming Mario Kart 8 DLC’s to contain characters and vehicles from outside of Mario Universe


27th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 27/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Capcom to re-release classic fighting games to the arcades in Japan

- Top-down adventure game ‘Elysian Shadows’ successfully Kickstarted and coming to Dreamcast and modern platforms

- Mojon Twins release top down adventure game Godkiller for ZX Spectrum 128

- Breath of Fire: Complete Works art book available for preorder at Amazon.com


26th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 26/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- PC Engine/TG-16 games rumoured to appear on Wii U Virtual Consoles in the West

- Unreleased Virtual Boy game Fishbone finally released for purchase

- Storybundle this month contains loads of game-related eBooks 

- Retro Console Rap Battle with SEGA VS Nintendo


25th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 25/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- ROM discovered of 1995 Amiga Platformer ‘Pinkie’ for the Super Nintendo

- NES Console crammed into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy Party Wagon 

- Super Mario Kart clone ‘Wacky Wheels’ released for OSX, Linux and Windows on Good old Games

- Various classic games rereleased by DotEmu on sale on iTunes App Store


22nd August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 22/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Shadowgate remake released on Steam for OSX and Windows 27 years after initial release

- Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan battle each other in Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

- Adventures of Lolo, Mega Man IV and Double Dragon on Nintendo eShops this week

- Puyo Puyo Tetris announced for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with all DLCs included

- Twitch broadcast streaming two fish playing Street Fighter, no really. 


21st August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 21/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Over 80 minutes of ‘leaked’ gameplay footage of up and coming Hotline Miami 2 available on YouTube

- Limited edition Angry Kirby statuettes in production in time for Super Smash Bros. 

- New Alone in the Dark game announced by Atari to be released on PC later this year

- 1990 PC Adventure series “The Hugo Trilogy” available on Good old Games


20th August 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 20/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Dreamcast adventure ‘Shenmue’ getting unofficially remastered by one Korean fan

- Fan-made Metal Gear remake halted by Konami, game was to include original voice of Snake

- New Sonic game ‘Sonic Adventure Land’ features new and more challenging stages

- Indie-developed ‘Hive Jump’ delivers game like XCOM and Spelunky


19th August 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 19/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Ikaruga developer announces Ubusana for PlayStation 4 promising a treat for bullet hell fans

- Double Dragon on Atari 2600 gets patched to be much more playable

- Chiptune software ‘Bleep’ in production for Game Boy Colour

- Comparison video of RGB vs Composite on a Super Nintendo


18th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 18/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Video from 1993 of promotion documentary of SEGA USA on YouTube

- 80s Home computer release of Batman in development for MSX2 platform

- Super Mario 64 Lego Bob-omb battlefield recreated in LEGO

- Earthbound creator creates belly warmers based on Mr. Saturn and Super Mario

- New trailer for Hotline Miami on PlayStation 4, game release very soon


15th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 15/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Discounts on NES games for NES Remix owners on Wii U

- Game Boy port of Mega Man III arrives on 3DS

- USB-GDROM and CDROM cards for SEGA Dreamcast and 3DO consoles developed to play .ISO of games you own

- Retro-inspired drift-racing game ‘Drift Stage’ oozes of 80s 

- Robin Williams was inspiration for Sid Meier’s name to be added to the start of every game


14th August 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 14/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Waluigi in Time patch for Ocarina of Time replaces Link with Waluigi

- Latest Mortal Kombat X Trailer introduces Kano 

- Killer Instinct Season 2 announced for Xbox One, includes Killer Instinct 2 Classic

- New homebrew shooter “UMMO” developed for Amstrad PCW


13th August 2014


Daily Retrospektive - 13/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Night Trap to be rebooted via Kickstarter campaign for OSX, Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

- John Romero working on a new game, and it’s a 1st Person Shooter

- Coleco Mini Arcade cabinets making a possible return? 

- Loungey cover of Epoch music from Chrono Trigger by GreatJuja and Saxy Quaid


12th August 2014

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Daily Retrospektive - 12/08/2014 - Retrospekt →

- Information and screenshots surfaced of Valve’s cancelled MMORPG ‘Prospero’

- Potential Game Boy themed stage for upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. on 3DS

- ColecoVision Tweets with interest in compilation release for Wii U/3DS

- Apogee classic puzzle game Crystal Caves now available on Good old Games